Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gorgeous Rebekah!

I had an awesome time working with Cole and Rebekah on their engagement pictures. Knowing how well those turned out, I was seriously looking forward to doing Rebekah's bridals.

I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago. I've been dying ever since then, waiting for the chance to share them here on my blog. It's hard to be patient when you're sitting on some gorgeous images like the ones below.

I'm pleased to introduce you now to Rebekah. We did her bridals in a couple of different locations, all generally centered around the Great Salt Lake. She was a real trooper. I put her and her mom and little sister through a lot as we trekked through high weeds and dirt and salt to get these images. My thanks go out to all three of them for helping to make these images possible!

Cole and Rebekah's wedding is today. Be sure to visit my website to see all of Cole and Rebekah's wedding pictures:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Salt Flats and Ballerinas

NOTE: Be sure to check out images from some of the other photographers (I'll add to this list as I find more of them, so please come back to this page):

Joe Casalino

Scott Jarvie

Jeremy Stowell

Yesterday I had the opportunity of going out to the Salt Flats with a bunch of other photographers to photograph some beautiful girls (most of them ballerinas).

Luke Isley, with his connection to the ballerinas and as well as his connection to many photographers from Photowalking Utah, arranged this mini-photowalk.

At first, we weren't sure what to expect due to the weather (it has rained much of this past week, and it was almost monsoonal weather only an hour before we left to head for the Salt Flats).

But as it turns out, the biggest obstacle we faced in getting to the photo shoot wasn't the weather. But rather a fiery crash on I-80 in which a driver was killed and a big smoldering mess was left behind.
Link to some pictures

Cindi Jones had alerted me to the crash just as I reached the 2100 South exit of I-215. I quickly jumped off of I-215 and headed up 201. As it turns out, I was the only one lucky enough to do so. The rest of the photographers and ballerinas were on I-80. The collision delayed my arrival by 50 minutes. It delayed the rest of the troops by an additional 90 minutes!

Some of my favorite shots from the evening

I arrived about 90 minutes before the rest of the group. While there ... alone ... I really had nothing more to do except shoot my van, myself, my camera. :)

FINALLY! 90 minutes later the caravan arrives!

And now the REAL fun begins!

(Morgan Butler)

The light was fading fast! These were the last moments of the beautiful sunset that occurred shortly after the caravan arrived.

(Sarah Fink)

(Morgan Butler)

(Morgan Butler)

(Sarah Fink)

(Kimberly Ballard)

(Kimberly Ballard)

(Kami Christiansen)

One thing I didn't think I was too effective at, was making use of the water's reflection of the girls in the images I was capturing. Here are a couple of images where I purposely tried to get a reflection.

(Joanne Sandorfi)

(Joanne Sandorfi)

Experimenting with back lighting (my slaves are fired with RadioPoppers so line of sight is not required):

(Sarah Fink)

(Sarah Fink)

And one final capture with Scott Jarvie's car driving through the scene:

(McCall Butler)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Eureka Photo Walk

I participate in, and greatly enjoy, two groups of photographers here in Utah. One is officially known as Photowalking Utah (we do "photowalks" around Ogden, Salt Lake and Provo). The other group does similar things, a bit further south, but is called the Provo Photography Meetup Group.

Yesterday I set up mini-photowalk with a couple of models, Andrea Groneman, Dane Hoover and Adam. Along with several photographers, myself, my daughter Cassie, Andrea's sister Stacie, Scott Myler, Will Thompson (and his wife), Suzanne, and Steph (the last two could be models themselves!).

We started out at the Sinclair Station down in Elberta Utah (on our way to Eureka):

 Then we moved on to a small run down location in Eureka:

Thanks to everyone involved in making this a fun filled success. And special thanks to our models: Andrea, Adam and Dane. You were all awesome!