Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jonathan and Allie Wedding

I've been SO busy that I've really not kept my blog up to date very well. Several weeks ago I shot a wedding for a fantastic couple, Jonathan and Allie. These two are SO photogenic that part of the reason I have not posted anything about them on my blog is that I knew I would have a hard time narrowing down my choices of pictures.

First a couple of engagement pictures:

Next, we did what I choose to call "Formals" instead of Bridals. Bridals, of course, are pictures of the bride in her wedding dress ahead of the actual wedding. These "Formals" are of both Allie and Jonathan in their wedding attire. We took these pictures at the Great Salt Lake. These were taken in January. And YES it was still cold outside! Jonathan, of course, had a suit coat on. Allie was quite the trooper putting up with the cold while we took pictures.

Then their wedding at the beautiful LDS Bountiful Temple:

Finally, they had a beautiful ring ceremony and reception and Millenial Falls Reception center:

Some additional pictures can be found on Suzanne's blog Lookie Loo Suz because she, and my daughter Cassie, both helped me with the wedding day photography. Thanks!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Body by Sandy

Sandy Hancock is a good friend of mine dating back from years ago when I still had time to go to the gym every day. She has been involved in and excelled at fitness and bodybuilding ... to the extent that she won the Overall 2000 Utah Cup in Bodybuilding.

Now-a-days, besides keeping herself fit, she also instructs others on proper nutrition, training and posing for fitness competitions.

I've been helping Sandy with business cards and other photographic needs for several years. She has a fun personality and is highly dedicated to what she does. Find out more about Sandy and her programs online at Body by Sandy.