Saturday, August 9, 2008

ICSEA Summer Social 2008

Last night we had our annual ICS Employee Association Summer Social. This year featured a delicious Luau dinner followed by entertainment by some wonderful dancers (including some of our own employees!) as well as a prize drawing.

Below you'll find a selection of highlights of the evening, more images are available here.

(this was one of the dancers, I couldn't resist taking her picture, she had such gorgeous eyes!)


Jarvie said...

pretty cool stuff!!

Karma Shuford said...

awesome shots!!!! Those of the dancers are just too cool!

Anonymous said...

Sweetness! Looks like a party!

Anonymous said...

great shots of the evening - don't know how you do it all with work, weddings, photowalk group, etc. I am beginning to think you don't sleep! :)