Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Body by Sandy

Sandy Hancock is a good friend of mine dating back from years ago when I still had time to go to the gym every day. She has been involved in and excelled at fitness and bodybuilding ... to the extent that she won the Overall 2000 Utah Cup in Bodybuilding.

Now-a-days, besides keeping herself fit, she also instructs others on proper nutrition, training and posing for fitness competitions.

I've been helping Sandy with business cards and other photographic needs for several years. She has a fun personality and is highly dedicated to what she does. Find out more about Sandy and her programs online at Body by Sandy.


Lindy Leigh said...

Gorgeous shots! You really captured the fitness aspect and I am sure she must love these!

Suzanne Plant said...

Great pictures - I want to look like her! All the Photoshopping in the world couldn't help me though! :)

2 + 2+1 = 5 said...

Great pics and gorgeous model.