Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baby's First Year

At the urging of a good friend (and former wedding customer), I've put together a new program for my photography entitled "Baby's First Year".

Baby's first year comes in two flavors:

Package #1 - Monthly
Monthly photos, from newborn to 1 year old. Each month a new photo session. Each month a new 8x10" photo. And each month a CD with that month's photos (4x6 size - 1200x1800 pixels). All of this comes at a cost of $594 for the year (equating to $49.50 per month), with half down at the beginning. The rest can be paid in installments.

Package #2 - Bi-monthly
Same as Package #1, but every other month instead. The cost is $396 for the year (equating to $66 per month), again half down at the beginning and the rest can be paid in installments.

Also, don't forget the possibility of Maternity Pictures.

Example pictures from the Baby's First Year program:

Let me know if you are interested in participating in the Baby's First Year program.


Flash Jorgensen said...

She's so cute in the little chair. What a great idea! It's every mom's dream to capture as much of the first year as possible. It just goes too dog-gone fast and they change every day!

Eli said...

Hi David!
I´m Tatiane´s friend, and since I saw her engagement pictures I am always looking your work, and I would like to say Congratulations! You do an amazing job! I love your pictures and the themes!! One of my favorite was trashing the dress, I hope I can do something like that!
Unfortunately I live in San Francisco, but maybe I will have an opportunity to be part of your work one day, you are amazing!!!

dterryphotography said...

Thanks Liebe, I wish there were a better way to respond to your comment. Perhaps you have a facebook account? You can find me at