Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Day with Photographer Vincent Versace

Vincent Versace

Awhile back I heard that Natural Light Photographer Vincent Versace was coming to town and would be speaking at Digitalfest 2009, hosted by Salt Lake Pictureline.

I was excited about that and signed up for the seminar so that both my daughter, Cassie, and I could attend. Shortly thereafter, we received notification by email that Vincent would be hosting a hands-on seminar for 15 students. I thought ... wow, what an opportunity! I called Cassie and immediately got us both signed up for the class.

And so yesterday was the big seminar (I'm guessing 400 people attended) and this morning was the hands-on class.

Cassie and I had a great time learning from him. Some of his quotes:

"Take portraits like landscapes and landscapes like portraits."

"Know your camera as well as you know yourself and you know the outcome of every picture."

"Stop taking pictures, be taken by them."

"Cropping is for wussies." (I liked that one!)

So this morning, after about an hour of classroom talk, we headed off to Red Butte Gardens where the plan was to spend a little bit of time working with a model and then to do some flower and landscape shots.

The model that showed up was none other than former Miss Utah Julia Batchison (twice Miss Utah, once for Miss USA and once for Miss America pagaents). She was absolutely stunning. You can see how all of the photographers were in awe:

Julia Bachison

Here are just a few of my favorite pictures of her:

Julia Bachison

Julia Bachison

Julia Bachison

Julia Bachison

You can see more pictures of Julia on my website.

I think, because she was so gorgeous, we ran out of time for the rest of the photo shoot. Vincent spent the rest of the time talking with the students and answering their questions before we headed back to Pictureline for lunch and wrap-up.

I did manage to grab a couple of garden shots myself before we left:

Thanks again for coming out and spending the day with us!

Vincent Versace

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*•●☆New Life☆●•* said...

What a great opportunity! How did you get that email notification? I bought the ticket very early, but nobody told me there was a seminar for 15 students.:(