Sunday, February 6, 2011

Before and After (Lightroom Only)

I just thought I'd share one of my favorite photos as a Before and After set.

David Terry Photography - Lightroom - Before and After - Lens Corrections
(click the image to view large)

All changes to the above image were done via Adobe Lightroom only (i.e. no pixel editing has been done via Photoshop or any other software - only Lightroom has been used).

I first straightened the image by simply clicking on the Enable Profile Corrections option. Then I converted to B&W using the Creamtone Preset that comes with Lightroom 3.x. After that I used the graduated filter coming in from the top left and top right corners to add my own vignette to the image. Then I darked with ground with the brush tool. Then I played a bit more with the colors (split tone), contrast and clarity to get to where I liked the image.

And here is the Before image (no specific changes were made for this image, just my regular custom import preset):

David Terry Photography - Lightroom

In the above image, the couple is being lit by an off-camera flash to my right.

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Garrett said...

Both images are great. I love the creamtone processing, custom vignette, etc.... I wonder what the focal length equivalent would be of that corrected 15mm fisheye? Maybe a 20mm?