Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Meet "David Terry" Videos

This post was originally written in June of 2013.  (see the video from Sarah Wight down below)

I am updating this post today (March of 2015) to add a new video to this collection.

A friend of mine from Brazil, Fernando Assis, has a video production company called Helloo! Video Produções Ltda. and he asked if he could do a video featuring me and sponsored by Tucanos Brazilian Grill (a GREAT restaurant by the way, and if you've never tried a Brazilian restaurant you are in for a treat!).

The video opens up showing me working with a couple where I was doing their Formals | First Look session (read more about a First Look session on my blog) and also shows some footage of me working with his daughter and her boyfriend.  The interview portion of the video reveals a bit of who I am and what I like to do as well as my love for the Brazilian culture.

So anyway, I just want to say thank you very much to Hannah and Andrew (the couple doing the Formals | First Look session), and to Lorrayne Mavromatis for assisting me during the session.  And also thank you to Desiree and Dan for modeling for me.  And finally, special thanks to Fernando for doing such a wonderful job with the video!

This next video was done by a friend of mine, Sarah Wight, who approached me asking if I would be willing to do a video interview for her project at school.  I had previously done a couple of photo shoots with Sarah and she is getting into photography herself (and apparently videography as well), so I gladly said yes.

She asked if she could get video of me working a shoot, so I contacted Jene' Nichole and asked if she would mind modeling for me.  I had never met Jene' before, but we had wanted to work together for awhile so she happily consented to come help out.

Sarah brought another friend, one I had known only on Facebook until then, Camilla Myrrha to help out with the video. You'll see both of them together in the background of some of the pictures that I took while they were filming me.

So anyway, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.  I remember feeling quite nervous and, with Sarah's wonderful edits, I don't hardly see that at all in the video.  So thank you very much Sarah, Camilla and Jene'!

Here are just a few of the pictures that I was taking of Jene' while Sarah and Camilla were filming me (you can click any of the images to jump into the gallery to view more):

While we're on the subject of video interviews ... Another friend of mine, John Shafer (often referred to as Photo_John on PhotographyReview.com), asked if I would do a "What's in My Bag" interview.  Basically describing the tools that I work with - what I take with me "in my bag" to a photo session.   Here is the resulting video:

You can get a run down of the equipment I used by clicking on this page:
PhotographyReview.com "What's In My Bag" with David Terry

One more video for you to get to know me better and see me working.  The Salt Lake City SmugMug group asked me to come and present a workshop on "The Perfect Pose".  I'm not sure I have found the "perfect pose" as yet, but I really enjoyed teaching this workshop.  Thanks go out to Jeremy Hall for recording this and to the beautiful Lorrayne (a photographer herself!) and her hubby Davi for modeling for me!

Finally, you can see more of the pictures that I did for Lorrayne and Davi's engagement session on my blog here:  Lorrayne and Davi


Anonymous said...

Had to delete the previous comment, because I just finished watching the whole thing and I saw when you explained that you were our cupid. That was sweet. I loved all the videos. Great job on the workshop.

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