Saturday, November 1, 2008

Buffalo Roundup and More!

Cassie and I have been hanging out with a couple of photography groups lately. Today the Photowalking Utah group got together at Antelope Island to attend the annual Buffalo Roundup where the tag and vaccinate the buffalo.

Here are some of the pictures from today's event:

After watching the buffalo for awhile, we decided to drive around the island to see what we could find. Our first stop was at the beach:

It was a LONG walk along the sand (and salt) to get to the water!

At one point, Samantha put sand (which had salt on top of it) into her mouth. I have no idea why she did this!!! It was funny just how quickly she decided to get that salty tasting sand out of her mouth! :)

Still walking... did I mention it was a LONG walk to the water?

After we left the beach, we drove a little ways and found this buffalo just off all by himself grazing... nobody was around so we stopped to take pictures!

Then we went to the farm on the other side of the island. Do you have any idea how big this island is? I swear it took us 20 minutes or more (of driving!) to get to the other side of the island!

Cassie modeled for us in front of this old truck that reminded me of Tow Mater!

There she goes, modeling again! :)

Samantha climbing a tree! (one of many)

An owl that we find hiding in a tree:

A new friend! Diana was so patient and kind with the kids. It was amazing how they responded to her!

Driving home, we're on the road that connects the island to the main land. Those are the rocky mountains (east of Layton) across the water:

These, and many more images, are available on my website here.


Unknown said...

very nice, I have never been out to the island, one of these days I need to go.

buffalo grove said...

the photos are great! i really like everything! great photo shoot!