Friday, January 16, 2009

LDS Draper Utah Temple

I had a chance to drive up to the LDS (Mormon) Draper Utah Temple this evening and take a few pictures. It was pitch black outside, perhaps not the most ideal time for picture taking. But I'll be sure to return for more pictures later. In the mean time, check out the ones I got:

Draper Temple

Draper Temple

Draper Temple

Draper Temple

Draper Temple

Draper Temple

Future images of the Draper Temple (and others) will be available on my website here:
LDS Temples


Rebeca Price said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! lindas demais! adorei! minah ala tem convites para o open house na proxima semana. Eu estarei lah com certeza!!!

dterryphotography said...

Obrigado Rebeca... Nós (como família) ainda não visitamos o templo. Isto ainda está por vir. Estou ansioso mesmo... eu não queria esperar mais, por isso fui tirar fotos hoje. :)

Unknown said...

Some great shots there, I'll be there next weekend, but sadly it will be at 2pm, not the best time of day for photos.

Matthew and Chelsea Abinante said...


I found your entry via a google search.

I am a BYU student and have hankies available for the draper temple dedication. Shipping is free and they are just $5.

Our facebook page is

Feel free to contact me with any questions!