Friday, July 3, 2009

Upgrading from Drobo 2 to DroboPro

Nearly a year ago, on July 24th, I wrote here in this blog about the arrival of my new Drobo 2.0 and the 4 Terabytes of storage that came with it. Well today, I'm writing about the arrival of my new DroboPro.

On the left, is my old Drobo with it's four drives still in place. On the right is my new DroboPro. You can see that it has 8 drive bays as compared to the 4 drive bays as the original Drobo.

Upgrading was a piece of cake. I bought two new 1Tb drives with the new DroboPro. All that was needed to switch from Drobo to DroboPro was to place the 4 drives from Drobo into DroboPro and turn it on. After it finished booting up, I placed the new drives into DroboPro (one at a time) and now I have six 1Tb drives up and running.

Read more about my reasons, as a photographer, for using the Drobo technology versus standard drives or even RAID drives on my original post last year.

Read more about Data Robotics and the DroboPro.


A womb for rent said...

your moving up in he world! Congrats on your new toy!!!

Jarvie said...

I did a search for drobopro lightroom
and yours was the 4th on the google list.
I'm still deciding... after like a year now... and the new pro didn't make things easier!

dterryphotography said...

Some good technical information about BeyondRAID used by Drobo can be found here:;col1