Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beautiful Katelynn

You know ... every bride is beautiful. But wow, Katelynn is just gorgeous. Today was her wedding day. She and Colby Bench were married today at the Manti Temple. Later I'll be posting their wedding pictures online here:

In the mean time, I finally get to share Katelynn's bridals. Such a beautiful bride. :)


Brandon said...

May I ask how you get her skin tones to be so clear and warm? For instance, on the very first picture, her skin just looks so smooth.

I love your photography by the way, and I wish that you could have done our wedding pictures!

dterryphotography said...

Thanks Brandon. I'm thinking I'm going to credit Katelynn for her beautiful skin on this one. :)

No seriously... I fiddle quite a bit to get the skin color correct (via Lightroom). The rest is lighting (mostly done in camera, but with some adjustments in Lightroom). I'll use Photoshop when I want to do touch-up work, but Katelynn doesn't hardly need any touch-ups. :)

Brandon said...

Thanks David. May I ask any of the lighting techniques you mean? Or is that giving out too much information. :)

Thanks again. I really admire your work and wish that I could be as good as you.

dterryphotography said...

Mainly I try to get the light right as much as possible in camera (get the light falling in the right places and get the proper exposure for that light). In the case of the top image, she's standing in window light where the sun is NOT directly entering the window (so it's more like standing in open shade). I turn her so that the light shades her correctly and then make sure my exposure is correct for the light that is on her face.