Friday, July 16, 2010

Trash the Dress - Laura at the Grotto

The idea for Trashing the Dress has been around awhile, and I've blogged about it before, and still the opportunities for doing this seem few and far between.

I LOVE the idea!

In my mind, it's not really about ruining (trashing) the dress, but is more about using it in ways that you might not have dared to use it prior to your wedding day. What else are you going to do with your wedding dress? Hang it in the closet for 20 years and hope that your daughter (who thinks it looks old fashioned) will want to wear it?

Why not put it to greater use and make wonderful memories with it by doing a Trash the Dress photo session?

A little about this latest photo session:

Laura isn't married (though she tells me she came close). This isn't Laura's wedding dress (though she does have one hanging in her closet). This wasn't even a "planned" Trash the Dress session! I had asked Laura to show me around the Grotto and she just happened to have a wedding dress sitting in the trunk of her car. Are models always this prepared?!? Laura was fantastic!

With no warning, no time to put on makeup or get herself ready, we ran off to the Grotto for some quick pictures. And here is a sampling of what we brought back:

All of the above pictures are pretty much unedited with only some minor tweaking done in Lightroom. But for this last image I wanted to show something a little different. It came to my mind that I might like something of a fantasy look. So I gave the background something of a painted look, see what you think:

Thanks Laura! I had a great time, and really appreciate you showing me around the Grotto and letting me capture some awesome images at the same time.


Derico Photography said...

Very nice! Where is the grotto at?

Mayhem At The McNeils said...

*sigh* One of my favorites by far! BEAUTIFUL. STUNNING. MARVELOUS. (as always) The painted background threw me off at first....I didn't expect that from you. First glance, I didn't like it. Then I thought of it hanging on a wall as art.....and I must *sigh* again....LOVE IT!

Suzanne Plant said...

Absolutely gorgeous - all of them! The painted look is perfect for the location. On a side note, it seems you tend have models that have a black strap of some sort around their wrist :) I think it's funny!

Heidi said...

The idea is just FUN! I love these pics, thanks for sharing this David! :D

Laura Mouse said...

Awe.. I feel so loved! This day was super fun, and I did have Richard really quick fix my makeup from my nap, just so my eyeliner wasn't half way down my face.