Sunday, October 10, 2010

Congratulations Matt and Anne!

Anne contacted me just one week ago. She desperately needed someone to cover her wedding and asked if I was available on Thursday the 7th. I already had a wedding scheduled for the 8th and really don't like to schedule back-to-back weddings (what if something goes wrong, like a camera breaks ... and one did). Still, I told her yes. And WOW am I glad I did.

Matt and Anne were the most adorable couple ever!!!

Below are some of my favorite pictures from their day.

The weather turned bad and rained on us so we hid out under the archway and took a few pictures.

And then headed for the reception in Springville.

Congratulations again Matt and Anne. And THANK YOU for letting me share your wonderful day with you, what an honor and a pleasure!

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Mayhem At The McNeils said...

The first one under the arch way is my favorite! I love love love that she wore yellow heels to match the yellow flowers! As always.....BEAUTIFUL WORK!