Saturday, October 2, 2010

I love the details!

I love my camera. Why? Well, one reason is because of the excellent detail!

A friend of mine asked me to take a picture of an heirloom map.  I've already forgotten the details, but I believe it is about 60 years old. He wanted to ensure the map's survival by getting an electronic copy of it made.

At about 3.5' wide and 2.5' tall it is too big to make a copy using a copy machine.  So we hung the map vertically on a background stand and used my camera to take a picture of it.

Using my most favorite / sharpest lens, the Canon 85/1.2L lens, set at f/11 for a very sharp capture, mounted on my Canon 5D Mark II (a 21mp sensor), I took the following picture:

Due to its size, and because of the telephoto length of the lens (85mm), I had to stand back about 12 (TWELVE!) feet in order to take the picture.

Now THIS is what I really want to show you.  This is a tiny 1.7% crop of the above image.  Look at the detail:

I love it when I take pictures and see details in the eyes and eyelashes of the people in front of my camera.  Especially when it is a group portrait.  And this tiny crop just shows how much detail is being captured.

Anyway, I'm geeking out over the detail that is captured by my camera and had to share.

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