Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Available Print Styles and Options

So you want to order a nice print from me, but can't decide between the options that are available - or maybe you don't even know what the options are.  Let me explain a bit about what I offer.

Just about everyone knows what Matte and Glossy prints are.  And yet ... those are the two that I don't offer.  Here are some descriptions of the types of prints that I do offer:

Luster prints have a surface texture that is very similar to Matte prints while having a shine that is similar to Glossy prints.  As a general rule, I recommend Lustre as the best option for standard portraits. In the wrong kind of light, a Glossy image will produce glare. And if you touch a Glossy print, your fingerprints will visible on the print. Lustre avoids these issues while producing more vibrant colors and contrasts than a standard Matte print.  For more information watch this video below:

Sometimes you just want a really bold look. So while I said above Lustre is generally my preferred option for standard prints, when it comes time to show off and be bold, Metallic is a great way to do it.  Metallic is like a "super glossy" finish with an almost metallic like sheen. For more information watch this video below:

When it comes to classic elegance, nothing beats Canvas.  I highly recommend Canvas whenever the print will be a large wall hanging print (especially 20x30 and larger). Canvas is great for family portraits as well as landscapes.  Canvas comes in 3 different styles:

  • Stretch Canvas: This is the traditional style of Canvas. The print is stretched to the edge of a 3/4" thick wooden frame, and stapled around the edges, leaving the full image on the front. A special purpose / custom frame is generally used to mount and display a Stretch Canvas print.

  • Gallery Wrap Canvas: This is my preferred option. It's less traditional / more modern. It is a fun way to show off your image. And while a tiny bit more expensive, it actually saves money!  The print is wrapped around a stretcher frame so that 1 3/4" of the photo's edges are visible on the sides of the frame. The money savings comes from the fact that you do NOT need to purchase an external frame (custom frames are often necessary for large Lustre prints, and always necessary for standard Stretch Canvas prints).  The prints are delivered display-ready with hanging hardware attached.
  • Canvas Board: I recommend this option when the customer already has a standard frame that they would like to reuse. Canvas Board prints are mounted onto sturdy Gator Foamboard, a very rigid foamboard and lightweight backing with a white finish.Canvas Board is much skinnier than the Stretch Canvas option and so it can general fit into a standard frame.

Watch the video below to see and learn more about the various Canvas options that are available:

Float Mounted Metal Prints
I mentioned above that Metallic prints were a great way to show off and be bold. Float Mounted Metal Prints takes this to a whole new level. While Metallic prints are standard paper prints with a metallic finish, Metal prints are actually printed on metal! These prints are sturdy, scratch resistant, and like Gallery Wrap Canvas up above, they do not need to be framed.  The special float mount bracket on the back of the metal print causes the print to "float" away from the wall a short distance, creating a 3D effect. Watch the video below to learn more:

Thin Wrap Prints
The Thin Wrap Print is similar to a Canvas Board print, in that it is wrapped around a soft board. And also similar to a Metallic Print because it uses the same Metallic paper. And finally, is similar to the Float Mounted Metal Prints in that it has a small spacer on the back of the print that causes it to "float" away from the way.  Watch the video below to learn more:

So which of these options is right for you?  My opinion is as follows:

  • For table top prints (8x10 and smaller), I recommend the standard Lustre Prints.
  • For a similar size, but bolder image, I recommend the Metallic Prints.
  • For smaller wall sized prints (11x14 to 16x20), I would recommend a standard Lustre or any of the Canvas options. 
  • Note that as a general rule, I consider 11x14 to be the smallest wall sized print because anything smaller than that requires that the viewer walk up to the wall in order to view the print.  If the print will be hanging over a sofa or the mantel of a fireplace, I recommend at least a 16x24" sized print.
  • For the larger wall hanging prints (16x24, 20x30, 24x36) I would recommend either the Gallery Wrap Canvas or the Float Mount Metal Print.  Another good option which saves a bit on money is the Thin Wrap Print.
  • For the really large prints (24x36 and up), I recommend the Gallery Wrap Canvas.
If you have any questions, feel free to write me and ask: 

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