Friday, March 21, 2008

PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian

I just wanted to relate my brief encounter with fame ... or rather, with someone who has since become famous.

PETA has just recently announced the winner of their contest for the Sexiest Vegetarian. And the girl who won just happens to be from Salt Lake City, UT! How cool is that?!? Well, even cooler (at least for me) was that I had a brief chance encounter with her just a few weeks before she was announced as the winner.

Her name is Shona Barnthouse. And you can watch a video on Fox News interviewing her this morning (Friday, March 21st). Within the video, you'll see a couple of pictures of her... one of them was a picture I took during my brief encounter with her. You can see her in amongst the Model Runway Pictures on my website.

I think she's gorgeous. More pictures of Shona can be seen here and here (these last two links, although not too revealing, may not be safe for work).

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