Friday, March 7, 2008

Trash The Dress

So you bought a beautiful wedding dress. The wedding is over. Now what do you do with the dress?

Well, I'm sure that many brides hold onto the dress. Some simply try it on later to see if it still fits. Some have hopes of giving their dress to a future daughter. But what if the daughter of the future wants her own dress? Twenty years of holding onto the dress ... for nothing.

Well, some brides and their photographers have come up with a new idea. One that has been causing some buzz within the industry called "Trash The Dress". The idea is, why waste the dress letting it sit in a closet somewhere for twenty years, when you could instead use it today to get some GORGEOUS pictures doing things that you would never have dared to do before the "big day". For example, having your picture taken in a lake ... with the wedding dress on!

Well, Matt Adcock and Sol Tamargo have put together what I think is a stunning edition of Trash the Dress. Take a look at this video:

Or, head on over to their web site to see a larger version of the video as well as some gorgeous images captured during the photo shoot.

So tell me, what do you think of Trash The Dress? Would YOU do it???


Emily said...


I had always planned on doing the dumb boxed-dress thing, just because that's what people do. And then a couple years ago my sister told me all of the great reasons for renting a dress, which seemed really wrong initially and gradually made a lot of sense. (Because the boxed-dress thing is lame.)

This is SO much better than that, though!

Good thing I haven't wasted my wedding on normal photography.

Heidi said...

Dave, you have me hooked on this now. I've spent all morning browsing YouTube for other dress trashing sessions. Here's some great ideas for Utah, imo:

The fountain at the Gateway
The fountain at Lagoon
Lagoon rides (if they'll let you!)
Nebo Grotto (up Payson Canyon:
Donut Falls (
Anywhere up the mountains
In a creek
Jumping in a swimming pool
Covered in the rich fall leaves
Dancing in a fountain outside of a temple (again, if they'd let you!)
Running through the sprinklers
Making a snow angel
The train yards
Moab, arches national park, etc.

So many choices here in Utah alone!

My sister gave me permission to trash her dress. She says she wouldn't fit in it anymore....