Monday, March 17, 2008


Okay, this is totally geeky of me... but I gotta tell you about a new device called a RadioPopper. If you're a wedding photographer shooting off-camera flash with either the Canon or Nikon flash systems, you're gonna WANT one of these!!!

Do you use an on-camera master to drive your off-camera slave for those perfect eTTL exposures ... that sometimes miss due to line-of-sight problems?!? And yet, you're reluctant to use PocketWizard radio transmitters because, while nearly 100% reliable, you completely lose the magic eTTL exposures, forcing you to have to calculate what the exposure would be and then run back to the flash and dial in the appropriate settings.

So what's the solution? You want the magic of eTTL and the reliability of Radio. Well... here it is, the RadioPopper!

Quoting from their web site:

The RadioPopper was designed to solve specific problems faced by event and wedding photographers. Most of us already own a pair or more of the various pro flash units from our camera manufacturers. These flashes are tied closely to the metering systems of our cameras and offer a very convenient means of wireless control through infrared signaling - the “line of sight” system built into most name brand units.

Anyone who has worked in the fast paced action and rapidly changing environments of these events knows the value of a lighting system that does some of the thinking for you. It’s not always practical to manually adjust the power levels of your lights - that’s where your camera’s ETTL / iTTL system comes in.

Radio flash triggering devices allow a more consistent triggering means - but they lack any ability to dynamically adjust the flash power as the situation changes. Existing radio systems are “manual only”. This isn’t a problem in the world of commercial photography - but on location in photojournalism, the need to physically place your hands on each slave and adjust power between each shot - becomes a significant limiting factor.

Best of Both Worlds

With RadioPopper you’re no longer forced to choose between usability and reliability. Enjoy all the utility and features built into your existing Canon and Nikon flash units while overcoming the single weak link of the wireless system - the “line of sight” infrared communication setup.

  • Attaches externally to your existing flash units
  • No drilling, modifications, electrical contacts, or cords required
  • RadioPopper Transmitter "sees" the infrared light signal and relays it by radio signal
  • RadioPopper Receiver "repeats" the infrared signal for each slave flash
  • Your flashes no longer require a "line of sight" for proper operation
  • Put slave flashes anywhere within 500 ft and shoot - they'll fire every time.
Check out the cool looking units here. And read more about them here.

I gotta say this. I want one. And I want it now! :-)

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