Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July Festivities

While the Fourth of July may be considered a holiday ... our little family began the day at 4:30 in the morning, taking showers and getting ready to drive down to Provo, Utah where we watched the Freedom Festival's Hot Air Balloons, and then later hurried to iHop where we had breakfast in time to get Devon back home to march in the West Jordan Parade.

Here are a few of the pictures captured yesterday:

Balloon launch (we were late, by the time we arrived the balloons were already going up)

The view from underneath

A fisheye view of the event

Smokey made his annual appearance at the event

A patriotic balloon - how appropriate.

Here are some pictures from the parade:

This is actually a Self Portrait - note the reflection in my daughter's glasses!

Can't have Independence Day without a little Flag Waving...

Channel 4 Newswoman "getting" the news

Channel 4 Newswoman really "GETTING" the news!!!

Cassie says the Motorcycle Cops are her favorite part - looking at the rest of my photos, you may be tempted to guess that the parade "royalty" would be mine

A little more "flag waving" for the day...

These days, it seems like parades are all about "Giving out candy" ...

... and getting wet!

And another thing ... I think parades today have moved heavily towards commercialization!

Free frisbees? Hey, it's better than free candy!

Real men wear pink!

Synergy girls - Mardi Gras!

I'll never know why ... but the bagpipes were always my dad's favorite


A little country singing...

Getting down to the music. :-)

West Jordan High School Marching Band

My boy, Devon, playing in the band!

I told Cassie, I think these guys look like Tuba Carrying Missionaries!

Waving a flag, riding a wooden horse, and throwing out candy! I love a parade! :-)

Too cute!!!

TAKE THAT! You hot and dry spectator...

Time to reload!

Skater girl...

A couple of brave souls!

Again ... too cute!!!

Pretty Samoan Woman - ready to beat you if you don't get off the side of the road!

A little known fact: Samoan kids don't walk, they float.


Murray City Float ... with Royalty

I think they're waving at me! Smile for the camera!

When did cheerleaders get to be so young?

WJHS Cheerleaders! Question is... will they still be as excited at the END of the parade?!?

And do you think this guy will still be doing back flips at the end of the parade? (note: what I really like is the look on the face of the little girl next to him)

Even the youngins get into the acrobatics!

Another floater.... and she's not even Samoan!

Any other 4th of July (with typical 100+ degree weather) and this guy woulda been hating life!

Catch the candy!

Ahhh... too cute!

More Royalty...

This dog needs to be turned around, he's running away from the crowd. (even funnier would be to position the dog at the princess's rear ... remember the old Suntan commercial???)

Cooling off, with a little frozen sugar water....

Go on, you know you wanna sing it: The Jetsons!

More Royalty!

I love how excited she looks. CAMILA!!!

Sax player in front of...

... you guessed it! Royalty!

These, and my more pictures which I've chosen to leave out of the blog, are available on my website:


Amanda said...

Looks like a really fun fourth! Great pictures as usual!

Jarvie said...

I loved that yellow balloon! Beautiful.

Kelli said...

LOL @ finding me! Thanks for the comment, my family doesn't leave them, they tell me in person what they think. Great fun pictures! Looks like you had a really great day.