Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lightroom 2.0 Test Image

Tonight I had my first chance at playing with Adobe Lightrom 2.0. My main goal was to find out what was new in 2.0 and just "play around". I'm wasn't looking for the perfect image to start with, nor the perfect outcome to end with.

Rich Legg had just posted an image where he had asked a few friends to volunteer some editing efforts just to show different editing styles/visions on a single image. Click here to view his article and the other versions of the image. I decided to use that image to show a "before and after" using Lightroom 2.0.

Here is the before image using ACR defaults (click to view larger):

And here is the image after editing using Lightroom 2.0:

The Lightroom version of the image includes Local Adjustments for the sky and the rock, as well as original Lightroom 1.0 adjustments on specific colors within the image (you can, for example, pick yellow or orange and darken only that color without adjusting anything else).

So with only a small amount of effort, I have produced a "brilliant image", deepening the blues and yellows in the sky, while lightening the model and darkening the rock. All of which are non-destructive edits - my raw file is completely intact and all of my edits can be reversed. Other changes include straightening the horizon and vignetting the image.

Adobe Lightroom can be purchased (or a 30-day trial version downloaded) from here.

A surprising long and detailed list of new features for Lightroom 2.0 can be found on the Lightroom Journal.

Camera Raw 4.5 was released as well.

And new ACR Profiles can be downloaded as well.


CrackTheAnomaly said...

Hey there Dave,

I just checked out your blog and it looks like you're a fantastic photog who is passionate about his trade! My pops has been a hard core photographer for over 3 decades starting when he was the editor of a couple newspapers. I'm trying to get into it more now that I desire to have higher quality photos of my new family and was hoping I might be able to send a question or two here and there if I find that my dad doesn't have answers?

BTW Thanks for the offer to photograph our sealing day - I'm not sure that even your photo skills could make my ugly mugg look presentable though... :-P

~jonathan bechtold

Jarvie said...

What a fun idea! And a great job on your part!