Sunday, September 21, 2008

Photowalking with Kenneth Linge

Yesterday the Photowalking Utah group went on a two-part photo walk. We started out at Kenneth Linge's studio in Orem, Utah, where we got to listen to and learn from Kenneth (twitter), the master photographer himself. He was both funny and knowledgeable. And as he said himself, there are no secrets in photography. He was very willing to share his knowledge.

A quick shot of the master photographer teaching us about window light:

Kim Guanzon watching intently:

Later we moved to the Provo Courthouse for some photowalking fun:

Rich Legg, the renowned iStock photographer, and Master Director:

Rich was setting up this shot:

As I looked around, I had to take the Obligatory Flower Photo:

And then Kenneth took us over to the street where he set up a shot of his lovely assistant Julie. Here you can see all of the photographers gathered around:

Then Kenneth turned her around, putting her back to the sunset and used a reflector to put light on her face:

And this is what we were seeing (note the light on her face from the reflector):

Here Kenneth is teaching us about using a handheld (high power) tungsten light, aiming at his assistant through a diffuser panel (image from Rich Legg):

And this is the other side of that shot, with Rich stepping in to get the shot of all of us stopping traffic to get a shot of the beautiful model!

My mind wandered a bit and I decided to take a few shots around the Courthouse:

Then everyone gathered around the front side of the courthouse (once again, out in the street!) to take some shots of Biker Dude and his motorcycle (SORRY! I've forgotten his name):

One of the girls got on the bike as well... you can see how fast and close the cars were whizzing by while everyone was out in the street taking these shots:

Since the group wasn't moving at all, Skyler Call and I decided to go for our own little "photo walk":

One last shot of Kenneth's assistant on the bike:

All of these images, and many more from the other photographers who attended the photo walk, are available for viewing here on Flikr.


Josh Moore said...

Your photography skills are amazing! Seriously...when are you going to teach classes? Lisa's been talking about taking a class for quite awhile.

Anonymous said...

What a great blog from the photowalk! So many nice and fun images, you got a good eye.
I truly enjoyed the event and the many VERY NICE people there.

Harley Pebley said...

Great shots David!

Regarding our impromptu model: Her name's Julie and, as I understand it, she's Kenneth's new Director of Seminar Development.

Anonymous said...

Great write up David. As always, thanks for participating. You add a TON to the group!