Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy Photo Day!

Yesterday was a very busy photo day ... and all of it completely for fun!

I belong to three different photo groups:
1) Salt Lake based Photowalking Utah which had a photo shoot last week which I blogged about here.
2) Provo Area Digital Photography Meetup Group
3) And an international website called DPChallenge which has a few Utah members in it.

Well, yesterday the latter two groups decided to have get togethers on the same day. Luckily one was in the morning and the other in the afternoon. And so that's why I say I had a very busy photo day! :)

It all started out with a trip to Cascade Springs which the Provo based group had organized. Skyler Call and I decided to go up a little early so we could try to catch some of the morning light.

We stopped a couple of times along the way, this is just one of the many beautiful scenic views we saw:

Inside of Cascade Springs we saw waterfalls, ponds, fall colors, and people!

(Michelle and .... her brother ... not a boyfriend, but they were nice enough to let me pose them like this anyway!)

(we ran into this cute couple - Annie Webb and her husband - she was taking pictures with her camera and asked if we'd take a picture of the two of them - we did so both with her camera as well as our own)

(signs of Autumn)

(Pete - the leader of group!)

(Ratish is from India - he has been here only 3 months - he will soon experience his very first winter!)

(Alex is always finding wonderful new ways to shoot ... FILM!)

Around noon, Skyler and I headed out so that we could eat and get ready for the next photo shoot, with the DPChallenge group, which started out the old train & building near the Salt Air pavillion.

We didn't stay there long, as the real fun was going to come after an hour and a half long drive to the Salt Flats (just before Wendover on I-80). There we set up a changing booth and had several models, including my daughter, some props and even some cars to shoot:

(that's Angie peeking out through the zipper in the changing booth)

(this is Jennifer - one of the photographers, this time in FRONT of the camera!)

(Antonio ... every time I say his name I think Antonio Banderas .. they even look similar!)

(Don, one of the photographers, said he hit 151 mph on the flats!)

(Lacey is Skyler's sister, she volunteered to model for us ... lucky us!)

(I asked her to jump, she seemed real nervous about trying in these heels, but wow! what a jump! PERFECT!)

(My daughter, Angie .. I asked her to bring a red dress thinking the stark contrast between it and the white salt would be totally amazing ... it was ... so was she!)

(I also asked Angie to bring her car to the flats .. what a hotrod!)

(Jennifer, again in front of the camera, this time you can see her face!)

(Steve, one of the leaders of this outing, brought his sister Jennie along to model for us ... the light on her face is from a handheld 5 million candle power flashlight)

(photographers all getting a shot at Jennie!)

(does she look mad to you???)

(call her crazy but, Becky decided to bring her clothes line with her to the Salt Flats ... I guess she had a bit of dirty laundry to air!)

(Angie feels the need for speed!)

(this isn't a butt shot ... I was shooting the other photographers ... HONEST!)

(Becky is the other person that helped put this outing together ... funny, we always find her in the strangest positions!)

(sunlight on her back ... reflector in the front)

(Lacey could totally be a model ... don't you agree?)

(I asked Angie to bring her wedding dress along ... I promised her we were not doing a "Trash the Dress" type of photo shoot ... I just thought it would be really cool to have the white-on-white effect of a white wedding dress against a sea of white salt)

(Strobist setup: off-camera flash using a softbox on a stand to camera right)

(added a full CTO gel to the off camera flash - setting white balance for the CTO gel causes the background to go blue)

(one last look at the 151mph Trans Am before Don heads home)

(Angie's car, with neon lights in the foreground, Skyler's car in the background)

Check out the rest of my images from the Salt Flats on my website!


Amanda said...


I would love to get some images from you when you're not so busy. Does that ever happen? ;-)

Unknown said...

Thanks David for sharing the commentary also. It was a great day for you and Skyler.

I am very interested in hearing your post process.. you turn these photos around so quickly. I want to hear about it.

dterryphotography said...

@Peter... the only real secret is Lightroom. With Lightroom I can fairly quickly cull the images looking for the best / most interesting and within the same program I can quickly process the images and turn them into quality images.

I hardly ever touch photoshop except for images that someone has purchased. If a customer is paying for a print, then by all means, I use Photoshop to "finish" the image. But all other images that you see me post are simply processed by Lightroom.

(I do use PS to reduce the size of the image and add a watermark, but all of that is done in a batch so it doesn't really count)

Unknown said...

Dave, WOW. Thanks for linking it to the Facebook as I never knew you did this. I love the sharpness of the pictures and the backgrounds, WOW, that's just too much fun. I wish I was there to join you. Maybe when I come out there next year . . .

dterryphotography said...

@S ... I just wish I had a clue who you were. Next time you do come "out here", let's go shooting! :)

Jamie Broderick Photography said...

Yuo are going to have to teach me how to batch it with a watermark. I have been dying to learn how to do that. I am totally impressed with the light from the flashlight- I would have never guessed it! I am jealous that you are getting so much photography in- I am starving for it down here. I guess it is good I have my little ones to keep me working.

Unknown said...

I also would love to learn how to watermark images with ps.

Unknown said...
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dterryphotography said...

Here is a link to the tutorial I used to learn how to add a watermark to my images using PhotoShop:

Adding a Watermark

dterryphotography said...

@Jared: Hey Jared, I love looking at pictures. It doesn't matter to me whether taken with a P&S or by a professional. What matters is what the photographer sees.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by on my blog. :)

Debra said...

Been working on my blog this morning and saw you stopped by---so I thought I'd do the same. I love those pics of Angie at the Salt Flats...I would never think to use the salt flats as a photo background. Guess that's why you are a photographer and I am not!

dterryphotography said...

Hi Deb, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, shooting out at the Salt Flats was awesome. I'd love to do it more often... the only downside is the drive time. It's an hour and a half drive each direction.