Thursday, September 11, 2008

AST Dew Tour comes to Salt Lake City

The AST Dew Tour comes to Salt Lake City this weekend. Along with it comes a lot of noise and a lot of excitement.

While the official competitions are only just now getting underway, I had a chance this morning to step outside my office (at the Triad Center just a short distance away!) and snap a few photos of the FMX bikers warming up.

Check out the photos below, or Click Here to view more.

Click Here to view more.


Karma Shuford said...

WONDERFUL!!!! I especially like the first one where it looks like he is going over what I presume is a temple.

David Terry said...

Yes, the first image has the Salt Lake Temple in it, which actually makes this something of an "iconic image" for the Dew Tour's visit to Salt Lake. :)

Anonymous said...

no way haha mormons run on Dew